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Electric bike

On electric bikes, you can easily ride up a hill.
Remember that electric bikes are city bikes, designed to move only in urban areas.


1. Join

Krok 1

Register by clicking “Registration”, indicate required data, accept Terms of Service and pay the minimum of 10 PLN of initial fee. After registering you will receive a text message and an email message together with a PIN code, which become your identifiers in the system.
You will receive an email from us. In order to confirm your details, click on the link contained in it. Otherwise you won’t be able to use our system.
It takes 1 minute and all is ready! You can use the city bikes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Rent

Krok 2

Choose an electric bike with the highest battery level. Check the indicator placed on the back mudguard or on the bike’s frame (depending on a bike model). 5 diodes on the indicator mean that the bike is fully charged.
Approach the terminal, press the button of “Rental/Return” and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The bike you selected will be automatically released. Have a great journey!

3. Return

Krok 5

Electric bikes can only be returned on a dedicated electric station to a free electric rack.
You don’t even have to come up to the terminal. Simply put the bike into the rack. Don’t worry – a sound signal and green diode will confirm a correct return.
If you want to make sure if the bike is returned properly, verify it on your account via app, website or contacting 19 115.

4. Repeat!

Krok 4

Use city bikes whenever you feel like. From the beginning of March till the end of November, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First 20 minutes of ride are free of charge!

5. Faster?

Krok 3

Download Veturilo mobile application. With the use of mobile application you will rent an electric bike locked in a rack without approaching a terminal.
You can rent a bike via the app in two ways:
• Press ‘Rent a bike” in the application and enter its number
• Scan a QR code of a given bike, located on each bike

Remember, I need energy. Return me on an electric station!


Electric bikes can only be rented and returned on dedicated electric stations to an electric rack.


The list of electric stations and their numbers:
1. Topiel – Tamka – 9701
2. Sowia – 9702
3. Centrum Nauki Kopernik – 9703
4. Wioślarska – Ludna – 9704
5. Plac Trzech Krzyży – 9705
6. Krakowskie Przedmieście – Traugutta – 9706
7. Metro Nowy Świat – Uniwersytet – 9707
8. Miodowa – 9708
9. Karowa – Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie – 9709
10. Karowa – Krakowskie Przedmieście – 9710


Price List


Remember that your account is only active if you have PLN 10 and more on your account or after adding a credit card to it.

Type of charges Gross value
Initial fee 10 zł
Electric bike rental fee Duration of rental:
from 1 to 20 minutes 0 zł
from 21 to 60 minutes 6 zł
Second hour and each subsequent hour 14 zł
Letter notifications regarding breaching the Terms of Service  10 zł
Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental  300 zł


Theft, loss or total damage of an electric bike  12 000 zł


  • What’s the difference between a electric bike and a conventional bike? 

    Electric bikes are equipped with pedalling aid. You will use less more energy while, for example, riding up a hill. It’s all thanks to a built-in electric engine.Pedalling assistance undertakes up to 80% of effort connected with riding a bike. Not all the time though. The engine works only up to 25 km/h, so if you want to drive faster, you will need to use your own muscles’ energy. In addition – electric bikes are equipped with strengthened roller brakes activated with the handlebar. Although it’s not equipped with a coaster brake (torpedo), unlike conventional Veturilo bikes.


  • How to rent an electric bike? 

    Using a terminal: press rent/return and follow the information on the screen. Type a number of a chosen bike and it will be unlocked from the rack.Via app: you can do it in two ways:-Pressing “rent a bike” in the app and typing it’s number or-By scanning bike’s QR code, which is situated on each bike.


  • Where can I rent an electric bike? 

    Electric bikes can be rented on 10 dedicated electric stations. The map of those stations is available on each terminal, on our website and also in Veturilo mobile app.


  • Do I have to return the bike on an electric station?

    Yes. Electric bikes can only be returned on a dedicated electric station to a free electric rack. If all the racks are occupied, return the bike on another station. Availability of free electric racks can be checked in our app, on our website or by contacting 19 115.


  • How are electric bikes’ batteries charged? 

    Electric bikes are charged on dedicated stations in the racks. That’s why it’s so important to return the bike on one of the 10 electric stations.


  • How can I check the level of a bike’s battery? 

    If you want to check the level of a bike’s battery, check the battery indicator. The indicator is located on the back mudguard or on the bike’s frame (depending on a bike model).

    The indicator contains 5 diodes – when all of them are on – the bike is fully charged, if only one of them is turned on, the battery is charged in 20%.


  • What do I need to do to make the bike support pedalling?

    Simply start riding. In a moment of increased effort – faster pedalling or riding up a hill – the electric engine will make your journey easier.

    Who can use electric Veturilo bikes?

    The electric bikes can be used by any user registered in one of Nextbike systems. Renting and returning those bikes sticks to similar terms, as it does with conventional bikes. It’s always good, though, to check the level of each bike’s battery and remember that electric bikes can only be returned and rented on dedicated electric stations.


  • How much does renting an electric bike cost?

    Electric bikes are charged based on the dedicated electric bike tariff. Renting a bike up to 20 minutes is always free. Rental up to one hour costs PLN 6. Renting up to 2 hours is PLN 20 and each next hour costs extra PLN 14.
    How to distinguish an electric bike from a conventional bike on a station?
    Electric bikes can only be rented on dedicated electric stations. If you want to make sure that you’re renting an electric bike – look at the back of it. If you see a battery level indicator and an information about the electric bike – have a great journey!