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The new version of Citi Handlowy Bikes in now available


The new version of Citi Handlowy Bikes in now available

The new version of Citi Handlowy Bikes in now available in Google Play and the App Store with new and improved functions. Enthusiasts of the two wheeled vehicles will get up to date information on the rental time, can post their favorite routes on Facebook and finally – will be able to log in with the use of the Veturilo app.

The Citi Handlowy Bikes app allows for the use of the Warsaw Urban Bikes System and now comes with an additional feature of logging in to CHB using the Veturilo app. CHB users can now locate the closest docking station, rent bikes by scanning the QR code, get up to date info on the price of the ride and check the rental history on the app.

This, however, is just the beginning. The newest being the long-awaited feature that allows CHB app users to log in using their Veturilo account. There is no further need to create a separate account for CHB, the apps co-operate and synchronize data automatically. Thanks to this feature the available funds and rental history will be displayed on the app via the Veturillo account.

Your route can be tracked by the GPS feature of the CHB app which shows not only the map, time and price of the rental, but also estimates the number of calories burned and the positive effects on the environment (calculates how much carbon dioxide was not emitted by using a healthier alternative to motor vehicles). Your favorite routes can be shared to Facebook via the CHB app, too!

Other new feature includes the notifications which alert you 5 minutes before the end of the free ride.
A special info-line has been set up for CHB app users which quickly and conveniently connects you to a consultant at Nextbike.
The application developers have also created a new accomplishments feature where the lovers of competition can rival with friends for the best scores via Facebook.
The new version is also a series of improvements i.e. map icons – which clearly show the number of free spaces in a certain docking point.

If you haven’t tried the new Citi Handlowy Bikes app yet, now is the best moment to do so! Ride the Warsaw Urban bikes with more ease and comfort thanks to Citi Handlowy Bikes app!

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