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Veturilo will kick off in a brand new formula


Veturilo will kick off in a brand new formula

Bike Revolution getting closer! System Operator, Nextbike Polska, started distributing the bikes around the stations already on Friday and several minutes past midnight on Wednesday night (28 February/ 1 March) Veturilo was launched in version 2.0. During the winter break the Warsaw City Bike not only expanded, becoming the fifth largest system in Europe, but also underwent a true technological revolution.

With the beginning of March, a special season for city bikers in Warsaw will start. Already from the time of inauguration, Veturilo will get even bigger than it was so far-covering 316 stations and 4,660 bikes. The network of children bikes was enlarged-to 6 locations and 60 bikes for the youngest, while the number of tandems increased to 45 items. Veturilo increased mainly in Praga Północ and Południe, in Śródmieście, in Wola and Ochota-the greatest number of stations was created there.

However, the amount of bike novelties for the lovers of the two wheels doesn’t end here. This season, Veturilo enters the highest level of technological advancement. Totally new stations appeared in the system. They were equipped in modern terminals with touch screens and service of proximity cards and a universal bike pump. Each bike stand on the other hand has a diode which signals whether a given bike is available for rental. The bikes themselves are newer and more comfy. Soon, a première of new, user-friendly and functional mobile application will be launched, enabling fast bike rental through scanning the QR code. This way, Veturilo strengthens its position in the world leading group of largest (fifth largest system in Europe!) and most modern bike systems in the Old Continent!

-We were faced with significant logistical challenge, but thanks to many-years experience we were able to precisely plan and conduct the works necessary for the launch of new infrastructure of the Warsaw City Bike. We will kick off with the mounting in the second half of January, on Friday we started to distribute the bikes around stations and today, we can safely say that as of the beginning of March we are together approaching a new level of bike revolution– says Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, Chairman of Nextbike Polska S.A. – Veturilo has for several years belonged to the largest, most popular and best assessed bike systems in Europe, but now we are about to experience a true technological dive and an infrastructural one as well as an expansion of the system, which is a reply to the huge success of previous years. We kick off at the beginning of March, several minutes after midnight – he adds.

The countdown to inauguration of the season has commenced. Before the bike madness spreads around Warsaw it is worth logging in on your user account and check out its balance. The minimum of 10PLN is the amount which is necessary for you to have your account active, thus be able to rent bikes. If this amount is lower, topping up the account will be a necessary step before any further rentals are made.

For safety reasons, from the beginning of 2017 season new bikers will be obliged to indicate a PESEL number during registration in Veturilo, while so far users-will need to fill out these data upon logging in on the account. Persons who used Veturilo before will make the initial rental in the season without having to indicate PESEL number, however, they will have 24 hours to provide these data. After this time the account will be blocked until such time when PESEL number is added. This years the users will be offered numerous promotions, novelties and events. In order to stay on top of new information on the Warsaw City Bike all you need to do is grant consent for processing of your personal data after logging on your account. This will enable the operator to send messages.
Inauguration also means support for bikers-available 24 hours per day for 7 days a week under the telephone number 19115, 24/7 open service ensured by City Contact Centre Warsaw 19115.

Veturilo was launched on 1 August in 2012. Since that time 445,495 registered users conducted 7,919,556 of rentals. In 2016 season (from 1 March to 30 November) the users availed of the Warsaw City Bike as many as 1,866,423 times. At the same time, the group of users increased by 70,771 persons.