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Five years of bike revolution in Warsaw.


Five years of bike revolution in Warsaw.

In the last year of the current agreement for Veturilo management being in place, the Warsaw inhabitants proved, yet again, the the Capital is Power on the European map of city bikes. Only from the beginning of March, the system operator, Nextbike Polska, noted 1,9 million rentals and 70 thousand registrations of new users. Since July 2012, when the inhabitants for the first time had an opportunity to avail of Warsaw City Bike, 445 thousand persons made almost 8 million rentals!

A week ago the fifth season of the functioning of city bike system Veturilo ended. From 1 March to 30 November the Warsaw inhabitants used them 1 866 423 times, while at the same time the group of users enlarged by 70,771 persons who had not been known to the system before that time.
An average time of rental this year amounted to 25 minutes and 28 seconds. We rode the longest in May-average of 29 minutes and the shortest in November-average of 16,5 minutes. Warsaw inhabitants used the bikes between 4.00 and 7.00 pm during which time, 27% of all rentals during the day were made. In almost 2 millions of rentals almost 70% were free of charge.

-For the past five years, together with the Warsaw inhabitants, we have been writing a beautiful story of our city bike system. This season we decided to give it a final touch. The uniquely high frequency of rentals was maintained, the number of users increased by 16%, while rental in the Capital was statistically noted every 12 seconds-says Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, Chairman of Nextbike Polska. -These data present both the scale of popularity of the project, and its potential. Therefore we are so proud that pursuant to the agreement signed in August, next year Nextbike will conduct an expansion of the system and in the subsequent years it will continue to maintain it. We are opening, through this, a brand new chapter, creating the fifth largest bike-sharing system in Europe-he adds.

Veturilo-Warsaw City Bike was launched on the 1st of August 2012. Since that time, 445,495 registered users made 7,919,556 rentals. Throughout the years 2012-2016 Veturilo became not only a flagship system of bike rentals in Poland (it is responsible for almost half of rental in the whole country), but also one of the most thriving networks worldwide and an example for investments created in Europe (among others, for the Budapest MOL Bubi!).
-When we talk about a growing popularity, the so called “economy of sharing” or of the growing interest of car-sharing, one must remember that the basis for such phenomena on the Polish ground is the Veturilo success itself-says Tomasz Wojtkiewicz.
Veturilo 2016 in numbers:

Monthly record of rentals: 332,069 of rentals in May 2016. This is by far the best result in the entire history of Warsaw City Bike.
Daily record of rentals: In the season of 2016 the greatest number of rentals occurred on the 3rd of June- 13,763.
The number of rentals of the most active user: This year the leader among Warsaw bikers used the rental 1,025 times.
The number of rentals of the most popular bike: Veturilo with number 60946 was in this season rented 1,633 times.

This season, Warsaw inhabitants had 205 stations and 3,059 bikes at their disposal. The growth of the system could not be possible without the engagement of sponsors who decided to expand it through funding the stations. There are already 25 of them within the entire city: Arkadia, Atrium Promenada, Atrium Targówek, Blue City, Building of LOT, Central Park Ursynów, Citi, EuroCentrum, Gallery Bemowo, Gallery Mokotów, Gallery Mokotów 2, IRIS ul. Cybernetyki, Miasteczko Orange, Nestle House, New City, Poleczki Business Park, Proximo, Sadyba Best Mall, Spektrum Tower, Starcom MediaVest Group, The Park Warsaw, T-Mobile, Trinity Park I, Warsaw Spire oraz Wola Park.
Warsaw City Bike has already fallen into the winter nap, but it will come back in spring-expanded by at least 316 stations and 4,660 bikes as per the new agreement with Nextbike Polska, which will be in pace from 2020.
In Warsaw vicinity there are two more self-service systems of city bikes which are operated by Nextbike.
Konstancin-Jeziorna was the first Warsaw commune which decied to implement the bike rental system. From the start, Konstancin City Bike was also compatible with the capital city network. The users could without any additional registration avail of Veturilo and the other way around. The operator noted thus rentals both within the area of five stations of Konstancin City Bike, and rides from Konstancin-Jeziorny to Warsaw, recreational trips to the other side or rentals of Konstancin bikes in the capital. In total, within the area of the entire agglomeration, in the period from 1 March to the end of November of that year over 40 thousand rentals of KRM bikes took place. From June 2014 when Konstancin City Bike was launched, the number of such rentals exceeded already 120 thousand. When it comes to the number of users, in the years 2014-2016 the accounts in the system registered 1,247 persons, from which 506 in current season.

The second Warsaw vicinity system is Grodziński City Bike which covers 9 stations and 65 bikes. Only since the beginning of 2016 season, 17,989 rentals were noted within its scope, whilst the number of users increased by 711 persons. From the moment of launching the investment at the end of September 2014, 3,047 registered users availed of the bike rental 46,546 times.
Most popular rental stations:
Niepodległości – Batorego: 1,92%
Starzyńskiego Roundabout; 1,43%
Arkadia: 1,32%
Wileński square: 1,25%
Emilii Plater – Al. Jerozolimskie: 1,21%
Most popular bike returns:
Niepodległości – Batorego: 1,94%
Starzyńskiego Roundabout; 1,33%
Arkadia: 1,33%
Wileński square: 1,31%
Unii Lubelskiej – Puławska: 1,14%
Most popular routes;
„al. Niepodległości – Batorego” – „ul. Stefana Banacha – Warsaw University
„ul. Stefana Banacha – Warsaw University” – „al. Niepodległości – Batorego”
„pl. Hallera – Dąbrowszczaków” – „Plac Wileński”
„Plac Wileński” – „pl. Hallera – Dąbrowszczaków”
„al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej – Metro Natolin” – „ul. Wąwozowa – al. KEN – Metro Kabaty”