Veturilo Stations with e-scooters at the background

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We have equipped the new urban bike stands constituting Veturilo stations with electric scooter symbols. It will now be possible to park such devices there, both private and rented ones. This is yet another big step towards tidying up the city space.

Today there are almost 3 thousand new bike stands on the streets of Warsaw. They are suitable for Veturilo bikes and more. They will be generally-accessible and other bikes will be allowed to park there as well, including private bikes and electric scooters – both private and rented ones. This is just another novelty we have introduced. So far, stations consisted solely of stands adjusted to Veturilo and leaving other vehicles there was not allowed.

Despite the overall accessibility of stands the Warsaw urban bikes will definitely be prioritized. Warsaw cooperates with e-scooter paid per minute rental operators. Based on the concluded agreements with other cities, special zones designated for these devices are being launched. Therefore, operators will not be able to use these stations in order to form their points, where large volumes of e-scooters would be stored by default. At the same time, we will provide their users with a possibility of leaving their device in the area of Veturilo stations.

Such “mobility hubs” will serve the function of integrating various groups of users and services in one location. This is also yet another big stem in tidying up the city space in terms of parking devices from the so-called micromobility group.