Veturilo 2023 – to start with: 300 stations in 18 districts

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Setting up and marking of stations in the new Veturilo edition (i.e. Warszawski Rower Publiczny) is coming to an end. The system launch date is fast approaching. We are handing over to you the list of stations which will be launched by Warsaw on 1 March in cooperation with company Nextbike. From this year onwards, bike rental stations will be available in each district. The principles of returning bikes will be much more flexible as well.

Information poles will appear on the streets of Warsaw, replacing the long-known terminals. Thanks to them, stations of Warszawski Rower Publiczny will be much more visible. Full information concerning the principles of bike rental and return, fees etc. will be displayed on each pole.

The full shape of Veturilo, planned to kick off in March, is a combination of multiple factors – professional concept based especially for Warsaw, social consultations, market situation and financial possibilities of the city. One of the key principles standing behind the urban bike system organization is larger saturation of stations in areas  visited by substantial groups of people, thus, their potential users.

For this reason, as it was organized before, the largest volume of bikes will be placed in central districts of the city. Rental stations are also formed near the transfer nodes. Nevertheless, bearing in mind voices of the Warsaw inhabitants following the conducted consultations, the system will be launched from scratch in each of the city 18 districts. Their full list may be found in the attachment for download at the bottom of the page.

Locations of new stations

Since 1 March the largest number of stations will be found downtown in Śródmieście. This score will be followed by Wola, whilst Praga-Południe will come third in this ranking. There will be a total of 300 stations:

  • Bemowo – 11
  • Białołęka – 8
  • Bielany – 15
  • Mokotów – 24
  • Ochota – 22
  • Praga-Południe – 26
  • Praga-Północ – 24
  • Rembertów – 5
  • Śródmieście – 60
  • Targówek – 17
  • Ursus – 5
  • Ursynów – 17
  • Wawer – 7
  • Wesoła – 4
  • Wilanów – 6
  • Włochy – 3
  • Wola – 35
  • Żoliborz – 11

Since the beginning of March, Warsaw will finance operations of 300 stations with 3030 bikes. Throughout the validity of the contract in place until 2028 Veturilo will continue to be extended. System operator, Nextbike, is leading negotiations with potential project partners who might fund the so-called sponsored stations. It would involve additional rental stations, thus, further bikes increasing the available pool, set up and financed by shopping centres, office buildings etc. Since March the Westfield Arkadia shopping centre station will return – year by year it has by far been one of the most popular stations within the entire Veturilo system.

Additional stations may also be financed by individual districts. Preparations to launch the stations have been the most advanced in Ursynów and Rembertów. The launch of additional stations in Rembertów has been initially planned for 1 April and in Ursynów – on 1 May.

Farewell to electric locks

At present, there is an ongoing technical control of bikes taking place in a hall in Żerań. These bikes are planned to enter the streets of the capital city in March. They are brand new products and 10% of the whole fleet will be equipped in electric support. It means that 2,700 standard bikes and 300 electric bikes will be available at the kick-off date. On top of this, 30 tandem bikes (two-person bikes) will be at the disposal of our users.

The final touches are under way on our new website and the Veturilo mobile application made almost entirely from scratch. The stations which are almost completed as well will also look a lot different than before. All the above has something to do with the new, rejuvenated rules of system functioning.

Electric locks which in the past were necessary in order to complete rental have vanished forever. They will be replaced by “O-lock” blockades, built-in the rear wheel of each bike. This type of lock will also be equipped in a function that enables safe parking without having to end rental.

The bikes still must be left on the stands. However, a new possibility of returning the bikes outside the stations will be introduced – subject to an additional fee.

Selected public bike stands will become additional areas of return. However, the system will charge you with an additional fee of 15 PLN for leaving the bike in them. On the other hand, if the situation is reversed, the system will grant bonuses. A bonus of 5 PLN will be granted to the user account for escorting the bike from the area of return to the station.

Abandoning the bike, thus, ending its rental outside of the station or outside of the area of return, will not be permitted. Such behaviour may be subject to a penalty imposed on the user by system operator. Each bike will now be equipped in GPS.