Veturilo 2023: new principles of parking, old prices

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One week from now – on Wednesday March, 1 – Veturilo urban bikes will return to the streets of our capital city. Last but not least: these bikes are brand new! The manner of rental and return will also change  – becoming a lot easier.

Stations with a flexible pole

300 Veturilo stations financed by Warsaw will be located in each of the 18 Warsaw districts as part of the agreement in place until 2028. Additional stations – and with them additional bikes – district offices and private firms may finance them.

Each station will be clearly marked – it begins with an information pole. In addition each stand in a row will be marked by means of a multi-language sticker. An aesthetic and minimalistic pole  with a graphic layout containing symbols of the capital city and Veturilo bike colours. It presents information (in Polish and English) about the basic rules of system operations, Terms of Service etc.

On the other hand, the sticker will enable you to easily distinguish the stands strictly related to the Veturilo system as opposed to other types of bikes. Importantly, since from this year going forward Veturilo stations will take the form of standard bike stands in the shape of “reversed U letter”  – without electric locks that used to be their characteristic feature.

Instead of electric locks, each bike will be equipped in a lock located on the rear wheel and a GPS receiver. Information about all locations of the stations will also soon be available in the new mobile application Veturilo, on the upgraded website of the system and on the city mapping service.

There are as many as 3 thousand new bike stands on the streets of Warsaw, each of them holding two bikes. A novelty: they will be generally-accessible – it will be possible to park private bikes as well. Moreover, electric scooters – both private and rented ones – will be allowed to be parked there. More about parking scooters on the bike city website (it opens in a new tab).

Additional areas of return

New Veturilo has also introduced an updated concept of the “area of return”. It involves additional points, apart from stations, in which it will be possible to complete rentals. We will kick off with approx. one and a half thousand of such points. Their network has been elaborated on the basis of the selected public bike parking lots. Thanks to this, greater flexibility in using the service will be achieved whilst maintaining the same order.

These are the same stands as those by which users have been able to leave their electric scooters for more than a year now. They are also marked with a multi-language sticker – containing a bike and scooter symbol. Subsequent stands will be gradually marked this way. The stickers also appear on some of the new parking lots. Additional parking options for users of Veturilo will continue to be searched for and created.

Zones and stations will be clearly distinguished from one another in the Veturilo mobile application. Most of all however: there is no characteristic pole inside the zones.

Prices remain the same

Veturilo bikes are more about supplementing the city transport system  than about tourism and leisure. The system supplements urban communication as the so-called communication along the first (or last) kilometre. It increases its attractiveness and facilitates access to it.

Despite financial challenges, Warsaw has for many years been managing to freeze the prices of public transport tickets. Also the prices for Veturilo rentals will remain unchanged.

Tariffs for standard bike rental and for bikes with electric support will remain the same.

Rental of standard bikes – pricelist:

  • 1-20  minutes – 0 PLN
  • 21-60  minutes – 1 PLN
  • Second hour PLN – 3 PLN
  • Third hour PLN – 5 PLN
  • Fourth and each subsequent hour – 7 PLN

The pricelist covers standard urban bikes and tandems, thus, two-person bikes.

Rental of bikes with electric support – pricelist:

  • 1-20  minutes – 0 PLN
  • 21-60  minutes – 6 PLN
  • Second and each subsequent hour – 14 PLN

Unlike the previous versions of Veturilo, from now on electric bikes may be returned at any station.

The latest hits: possibility of leaving bikes outside of the station (in the area of return) subject to an additional fee and financial bonuses for “escorting” the bike to the station:

  • Rental completion in the area of return – additional fee of 15 PLN
  • Completion of rental in the station if the bike was rented in the area of return – additional 5 PLN to user account

Abandoning the bike “somewhere in the city” – outside of the station and outside of the area of return – subject to a penalty starting from 20 PLN. Rentals the beginning and end of which will be held in vicinity of stations will not involve any additional costs or bonuses.